To maintain a good appearance in your boat between waxing we mainly recommend you have your boat washed at least every two weeks, a weekly wash will be the best option to have your boat always ready to be used, and protected from salt, diesel fuel, bird droppings, acid rain, pollution and other waste that can not only affect you boat's appearance, but also the paint and gelcoat.

The soaps we use have a high content of wax and characteristics that do not affect the boat's shine and beauty.

Customized Monthly maintenance at home decks or marines are available.



During all our years of experience we have learned that there is nothing that has so much insurance in the appearance and longevity of your yacht that the continual application of a good coat of wax. 

We provide a complete compound and wax to make sure your boat stays shiny and shiplooking throughout the year. 

We highly recommend waxing your boat at least every 4 months. Based on results and satisfaction of clients we use high quality materials, that has overcome our goals.



There is no better feeling than coming to a clean, and organized yacht, where everything is spotless, all beds are made, bathrooms are washed, carpets are vacuumed and clean, kitchen and floor are clean .


Let us do all the cleaning and hard work so you can sit back, relax and enjoy every single second of your vacation.



Teak decks are a very important part of your yacht, a very elegant and beautiful wood. Teak definitely gives a nice touch to your yacht, however it needs constant attention . Sometimes all is needed to make your decks look beautiful again is a good scrubbing with the right materials or perhaps the only way to bring out their beauty again would be stripping the old coating and sanding to achieve a coating bondable surface.  Whatever the case is we will everything we can to make sure your teak looks beautiful again. 




Removing dirt and other soils in the engine room is a serious challenge, but to really maintain, protect and enhance the appearance of your boat, having your boat professionally cleaned is the best way to go.


Our team is well trained and uses the best products to make sure  to preserve the exposed surfaces and the value of your vessel. 



When cleaning the bottom of your yacht our divers use techniques that have the least amount of impact on the bottom paint when cleaned.


Regularly cleaning the bottom of your yacht bottom has many benefits. Some have an impact right away, such as an increase in performance and better fuel economy, others are  long term benefits such as preventing hard growth from embeding on your metals and your hull that can damage your gel coat and attach themselves to your props, shafts, and struts. 


We understand how important it is for you the quality, 

comfortability, funcionability, and beauty of your vessel

and of course  her upholstery is a big part of making her more comfortable and enjoyable. This is why we strive to offer the best service not only using the best quality materials, but also taking into consideration all any environmental condition such as; being indoors or outdoors, salt, wind, humidity resistance, and any other characteristics depending on her location.

We offer the best suggestions for the preparation, fabrication, and installment of all products, always respecting your decision and making sure every job is done in the best way posible.



It is very important to maintain carpets, curtains and all interior of your vessel not only looking great, but also clean to avoid any allergies and infections to you and your guests.Beauty and health of yachts is a big deal focus, and this is why we offer deep vacuuming and cleaning of carpets in addition to our regular interior cleaning. We recommend at least to deep clean all carpets at least 3 times a year. 


The size and scope of what your 12 Volt Stereo demands can vary depending on your desired needs. MEI uses only top tier products to complete your ideal marine grade stereo system. Fusion, JL Audio, Wet Sounds, JBL, Pioneer, Clarion, Poly Planar, Odyssey Battery, Brute Force Battery, Charles Charges are just some of the marinized brands we carry. If you don’t see what you’re looking for just let us know and we can work with you to achieve the ultimate 12v Sound System for your boat.



We know how much you love your yacht and frequently take cruises for multiple days on end, and we are sure you understand the benefits of the amenities that some good on board plumbing can make. There is nothing worse than being miles off shore not having properly working or clean toilets. We have a staff fully dedicated to providing the best boat plumbing service in South Florida. We have installed and repaired toilets, valves and other plumbing appliances for boats in the industry, and have a diverse knowledge on all varieties of plumbings, working with great suppliers to get you anything you may need in a timely manner.