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Gaby's Mar Yacht Service is a family owned and operated business founded on May 6th 2002. Since the moment Gaby's Mar opened the Gutierrez family works very hard to make sure our customers are satisfied and to offer the best yacht detailing services in South Florida, Making it our mission to give a service with the best quality and always with responsibility, doing whatever it takes so that all  customers feel100% satisfied at the end go every job. Our priority is not only our clients' satisfaction, but also having a prepared and experienced staff, using appropriate tools and the best materials materials, to continue making the satisfaction of our clients our best reference.Our vision is to be recognized as the number one company in the entire state of Florida being for brokers, captains, yacht owners, marines, and factories the best solution to their needs in the area we serve. 


Pedro Elias Gutierrez

Better know in the business as Gaby.

Founder and CEO of Gaby's Mar.

Came to the United Stated on 2001.

Opened Gaby's Mar and started working on his own until he was able to start hiring people.

Is still very active in every single one of our jobs​

Elymar Giraldo-Gutierrez

28 Years old.

Oldest Daughter of Pedro.

Raised in Miami, Florida.

Married and mother of two children, a girl and a boy.

Office Manager

Lover of Photography and Graphic Design.

Eliana Gutierrez


22 years old

Lover of Mathematics and Traveling 

Finances and Accounting Manager 

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